About gorgan

About gorgan


 4Alexanders Wall

Close to my birthplace Gorgan lies an important relic of the Sassanid era (5th century BC): the Wall of Gorgan or the Wall of Alexandre. This is a defence construction of about 200 km. between the Caspian Sea and the mountains in the East to stop the barbarians from the North to invade the Empire.

The wall of Alexandre is a construction like the Chinese Wall but is in a deplorable status. The monument is a heritage under protection of the UNESCO

The Iranian television made a program of the (re)contruction of the wall with animations.

 6City of Gorgan

The city where I was born Gorgan (or Aster Abad) is the Capital of the Northern Province of Golestan. The name Golestan stands for “country of flowers” and is a holiday destination for the Iranians. The city is situated close to the Caspian Sea. The city has an airport and can be reached by train from Teheran.

 13Ghune khadimi (house of birth)

In the old centre of Gorgan lies the old house (monument) where I was born. It is known as the Rezagholinejad mansion. In 2019 the mansion after the restauration will be transformed into a restaurant and hotel.