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Faezeh Rezagholi Nejad


My name is Faezeh Rezagholinejad and I was born on Aug 23rd 1964 in Gorgan,
Province of Golestan in Iran. I lived and worked in Hannover in Germany from 1984 to
1993 and in that year I went back to Iran. Since 2013 I live both in The Hague (den Haag) in the Netherlands and in Tehran in Iran. My activities are painting (oil and aquarel), jewelry design, photography and fashion design.
Telefonnumber in Iran is 0098 9122543669
Telefonnumber in the Netherlands is 0031 612807101
E-mail address is Faez_Gallery@Yahoo.com
About the development of my artwork

I am painting since I was 10 years old. Most paintings that I made during my stay in Germany were in cubism- and impressionism style with tendency to paint in oil painting  or water color (aquarel). Following my stay in Germany I came back in 1993 to Iran where I invented oil painting on natural mat material. This material gives a natural depth in the paintings and a mosaic effect. After this invention I did most of my art work in traditional style. My later paintwork exists mostly of images of Iranian women, dressed in different Iranian traditional dresses which presented the Iranian traditional female culture. The last years I was mainly concentrated on my jewelry design which combines different old precious stones with pieces of antique gold and silver jewelry.

Summery of my history in art

As a thirteen year old schoolgirl I won my first reward in a competition for aquarel painting in my secondary school in my city of birth Gorgan in the Golestan province in Iran.


Fragment of the map of Iran



Later I received the highest reward in another competition for aquarel painting in 1985 in the provincional Capital Sari of the province of Mazandaran in Iran.


My reward from the provincional competition in Sari



In this year I had an exhibition with my paintings in cubism style, in Hannover in Germany.

One of my paintings in cubism style



My new view (called “Negahe-no”) after my 8-year stay in Germany was exhibitioned in the Fakhrodin Asad Gorgani gallery in Gorgan in Iran. Also a video of this exhibition was recorded.

An image and the flyer of the exhibition in Gorgan



  1. My primary exhibition for mat painting in the Daryabeigi Gallery in Tehran which was also presented on the radio and television networks Sedasima Iran and Jam-e-Jam.

The flyer of my exhibition in the Daryabeygi gallery


  1. An individual exhibition of mat painting held in the Ebne Sina Gallery in Teheran whilst I had an interview with the Iranian Jam-e-Jam TV network, broadcasted 3 times in Europe and in USA.

Flyer of the exhibition in the Ebne Sina gallery


  1.  Also an Iranian art magazine published an article about my invention of painting on natural mat material in the same year.

The article in the magazine Honarhaye Tajasomi


  1. In the same year I had for the first time an exhibition abroad in the capital Ashgabad in Turkmenistan. I had also an interview with the national TV network of Turkmenistan.

         the flyer and some miniature paintings on my exhibition in Turkmenistan



  1. In that year I received a special Artist-Identity card from the Superintendent of the

    Iranian center of Arts in August 2000, where I was introduced as the first artist who invented mat painting style in Iran. My technic was also patented by this organisation.

My official Artist-Identity card


  1. My mat painting named “Imamzadeh” (Mausoleum) was selected in this year in the “Imam Ali”- competition forum and exhibited in April 2001 in the “Muze Honarhaye Moaser” (Contemporary Arts museum) in Teheran as well. The art magazine Hamshahry wrote an article about the famous painters who participate in the competition and in the exhibition.

My reward letter of the Imam Ali competition, my winning painting and the article in Hamshahry


  1. In Octobre 2000 I had an exhibition of my paintings in the Guzzini gallery in Recanaty in Italy. The opening is recorded on video. The mayor of that city was so enthousiastic about my work, that he invited me for a second exhibition in the historic al building of the city hall and during the end-ceremony 3 other Italian cities (e.g. Milan) invited me to organize the same During my exhibition in the city hall of Recanati the Iranian musician Parviz Meshkatian gave a performance with traditional Iranian music.

Image of my exhibition in the Guzzini gallery and the flyer


Image of the second exhibition in the City hall of Recanati and the flyer


My interview done by the Italian artist Donatella Donati in the Italian newspaper Corriere Adriatico


Images from the ceremony and from Parviz Meshkatian



After the big Earthquake in this year, that destroyed a great deal of the historical dessert city of Arg-e Bam in the province of Kerman, a special exhibition was organized in Italy. During this exhibition two of my paintings were sold with the purpose to donate the benefits to support the victims in the area.

One of my donated paintings and an image of the citadel of Arg-e Bam before the earthquake



In this year an exhibition of my paintwork and my jewelry design was held in a gallery in Darband in Teheran.

Some images of my Darband exhibition



An exhibition of my paintings and jewelry was held in the Fam gallery in Teheran.

Some images and the flyer of the exibition in the Fam gallery



  1. In this year an exhibition was held in the Elahiyeh gallery in the Golnarstreet in Tehran.

        Some images of my exibition in the Elahiyeh gallery


  1. In the same year I had also an exhibition of my jewelry work in Los Angeles in the USA.

Image of the jewelry exhibition in Los Angeles



In this year the book “GORGAN, History, land and culture” is published, wherein all artist of the province of Golestan were mentioned. This book gives a brief biography of my work.

      Cover and text from the book



Around Christmas of that year I had several exhibitions of my artwork at the Christmas markets in some places in the Netherlands, such as in den Haag, in Gouda, in Rijswijk and in Zoetermeer.

Some images of the Christmas markets



In September of this year the Embassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Netherlands asked me - for the yearly national Monuments day - to organize an exhibition in his monumental Residency in Wassenaar

The flyer and some images of the exhibition at the Iranian Residency  




In January of this year the Ministry of Culture of Iran invited me as an Iranian painter who lives abroad to have an exhibition in the beautiful restaured Qasr Palace museum in Tehran Which was once a prison. The openingspeeches are recorded for the collection of the museum.
For this occasion I had also an interview with the Iranian Jam-e-Jam network and another one with the satelite Turkish TRT network.  

The poster, the flyer and an image of the opening of the exhibition in the Qasr Palace


Some other images of the exhibition in the Qasr Palace


In the summer of this year I had an exhibition of my paintings and jewelry in the Samonda Biljart Centre in the Hague.

A picture of the opening of the exhibition and the flyer



Some other artistic activities


Dried flowers

I performed my first individual exhibition for dried flowers decoration (in the form of rings, pressed pictures and candles) in the Zarabi Gallery in Tehran in 1997.


An image of my exhibition in the Zarabi gallery



I was rewarded in the year 2002 in the fotocompetition held by the "Disabled Children Organisation" in Gorgan for my photographic work.

My reward letter and my winning photographic picture



Since many years I design traditional Iranian style rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold and silver laid with precious stones as e.g. diamonds, pearls and turkoois. Also various exhibitions of my jewelry design were held in Iran, in the USA and in Europa.



Some examples of my jewelry designs




I also do designing of fantasy dresses and children clothes and I re-model old and precious clothes into modern or traditional dresses.


Some examples of my dress designs


Since many years I act as a tourguide for the organisation   in
München (Germany) and I accompany on a regularly basis specific groups of german-speaking academics which visit my homeland Iran mainly for cultural and study journeys.

Pictures of one of my educational excursions in Iran